Areas of Expertise

MEICS TM stands for Merging Islands of Content and Services and it offers training, advanced consulting and solution platform in the emerging Cloud, AI, Big Data and Mobility technologies.

  •  Technology advisory and architect roles in Fortune 50 companies in  emerging technology platforms, product and project delivery for Telecom, Financial, Healthcare and Education verticals.
  • Participate in ISV partner network for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud PaaS
  • Provide Data Architect and Integration Engineer roles in Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, SDN, Deep Learning, Recommender systems, Content Delivery Networks
  • Evaluation of Cloud, Big Data Vendors, Proof of Concept and Production Ready involving large scale and distributed cluster deployment
  • Model and Configuration driven architecture and design
  • Experience with HIPAA standards and FDA filing related to software platforms for medical device companies in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Promote adoption of Open Standards such as Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), Open Stack TM, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Open Identity, Cloud Messaging (AMQP) among others.
  • Behavior and Test Driven Design and best practices design patterns for development

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MEICS TM offers talent and expertise in the following areas:

  • Experience with UML based Model driven Architecture (MDA) including OMG standards for Actions (Model behavior)
  • Extensive knowledge of Spring, Java and Web Platform
  •  Experience in IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Platforms, Objective C/iOS, C#, Linq/.NET, Python, R.
  •  Promote Rules basedConfiguration driven (not code driven) with experience in 3rd party Rules Engine such as JBOSS Drools
  • Mobile native and web platform support for myriad of mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android,, Google Home, Amazon Alexa
  • Experience with development and validation of algorithms for Predictive and Inferential Analytics 2.0 a.k.a. Deep Learning, Continuous Learning TM and Recommender Systems at real time
  • Experience with Analytics platforms including Data, Visual and Predictive analytics using statistical  and ML models such as R, Sci-kit/Python
  • Expertise with Content Delivery Network Providers for providing access closer to customer location such as Akamai CDN
  • Experience with evaluation, and selection of  Cloud, Big Data (NoSQL, Spark, Hadoop) and CDN platform vendors
  • Experience with Spring and based micro services design including Spring Boot, Spring Cloud
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker container including Container as a service
  • Open API 3.0  (swagger) specification and cloud subscription API manager (Apigee, Azure API manager, etc.)