MEICS TM stands for Merging Islands of Content and Services, provides the platform and services for Data, Predictive, Visual Analytics, Continuous Learning and Recommender systems. The company was formed in 2012 in Fremont CA, and continues to solve the challenges faced in Cloud (Public, Private and Hybrid) deployments for small, medium and large enterprises. The company founder believes that all enterprises need to focus on "Big Value" instead of "Big Data" leveraging their existing IT and other assets, and evaluate new emerging technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Mobility.

The data value chain for product and service offering needs to be examined prior to investing in evaluation, selection and deployment of emerging Cloud and Big Data platform and services. There are challenges today with myriad of mobile devices, Cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Network, Storage, Database, and Content Delivery Network providers.

MEICS TM is a partner in the Cloud and AI deployment ecosystem and collaborate with any content and service providers and bring them together to solve the challenges in different verticals such as Healthcare, Education, Retail, HR, Telecom, etc.

The key differentiation of MEICS TM platform is the enabler of Predictive Analytics 2.0, a.k.a. Continuous Learning TM and Recommender System, a.k.a. Deep Learning for improving the value of different players in the ecosystem, offering product and services in the Cloud, Big Data and Mobility areas 

The founder of MEICS Inc, is pursuing advanced study and research in data science (Masters program at UC Berkeley starting Jan 2018), and involved in model, architecture, evangelizing, data science AI/ML and related cloud platforms, in particular Enabling Continuous Learning TM (USPTO trademarks filed) platform, for early diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.

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